Julie Doman

Julie Doman, RN

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Cheyenne, Wyoming
United States

Julie comes to work with a positive attitude and professional approach to her work. Her laughter is widely recognized in the department as a mood-elevator and reminder to keep everything in perspective, especially when working with end of life issues.

She works to establish a special connection with patients and families through developing trust and providing emotional support. In Hospice, that trust and support must often be established very quickly. Julie demonstrates compassionate, thoughtful, and caring in all situations and is attentive to providing safe patient care. This often entails being creative since the care setting (the patient's home) is often beyond our control in regards to cleanliness and organization. Julie does an excellent job of educating patients and families around the often overwhelming and difficult care needs at end of life, along with what the patient and family can anticipate as the disease progresses. Her manner is calm and easy while ensuring that the patient and family have what they need to provide safe and effective comfort care in the home setting.

I think all of the criteria are evidenced in this recent "thank you" received from a hospice patient. "Hospice, and specifically, OP Nurse Julie gave me new life. I wanted to die because I felt so awful. Julie worked like a "dog" and got my medications figured out and I feel like I've been given new life for however long it lasts. I've been able to get things organized for my family (like phone numbers and paperwork, which makes me feel so good), and my husband and I have been able to sit and have breakfast together."

Julie is always open to collaborating with all members of the healthcare team and is receptive to their expertise and input. As someone working in healthcare, I am always attentive to type of care I would want provided to myself or a family member if there were that need. Julie represents the type of nurse that I would want to care for someone I know at end of life and I believe she is reflective of the criteria and more than deserving of the DAISY Award.