Julie DiMaio

Julie DiMaio

Julie DiMaio, RN

Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

When my sons and I first met Julie we were impressed. We had all been under doctors and nurses care before but had not seen anyone before so attentive to her patient's needs. She explained what her care consisted of and the signs and time frames we would expect to see.

My wife was cognizant for almost 3 days and was aware of our and Julie's presence. My wife tried to smile, speak and nod her head to show her approval as Julie spoke to her and performed her TLC. Julie explained to us that most likely she could still hear us so to have conversation and talk to her-that was a new insight for us and good for the family. So we all had our final talks with her and felt that she was at peace.

Without notes I'm sure I have left things unsaid about Julie's actions but I can say that she is a wonderful nurse and people person. She is truly an asset to the Winchester Medical Center and its Oncology Department. I must add that by speaking to the doctor, he stated that he has entered patient rooms while Julie was caring for them and observed her without her realizing that he was there and that he was impressed also by her skills and care. Julie will always be our DAISY.