Julie Baker

Julie Baker, BSN, RN, CPN

Cardiac Care
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Columbus, Ohio
United States

Julie Baker is an incredible nurse. Her professionalism was very apparent through the excellent care she provided our seven-month-old son as he had open heart surgery. She went above and beyond to make him as comfortable as possible. She took great pains to patiently and effectively administer his medicines. She volunteered to take him for a walk downstairs after he had been cooped up in his room for over a week. It was also apparent to us that she is esteemed among her fellow nurses. She once volunteered to assist his nurse on a day she wasn't assigned to work with him so that he could quickly and painlessly receive four vaccinations.

Her professionalism also showed through in the way she interacted with us as his parents. She listened attentively as we expressed our desires for his care and modified his care plan as much as possible according to our desires. She was also very thorough in explaining to us how we should take care of him once we went home. She answered each of our questions with clarity and patience too. Not only is she obviously skilled in her professional work, she is also quite personal in her care. She was ALWAYS smiling and lighthearted and pleasant to be around, making us feel much more comfortable during a difficult time for our family.

She brought our son a small homemade blanket one day just as a gift for him. She also took time to talk with us. One day she suggested a park that would be good to take our son to in the summertime, and the next day she brought in a printout with information on the park. These are just a few of the stories we could share about what an incredible nurse Julie Baker is. We cannot express enough what an impact she had on our family and how worthy she is to receive the honor of the DAISY Award.