Julie Ann De Leon

Julie Ann De Leon

Julie Ann De Leon, BSN, RN

OMFS, King Saud Dental Center
King Saud Medical City, Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Julie is hands-on with her patients and would spare her valuable time answering their needs and queries. She has that special magic.

Miss Julie Ann De Leon is a competent staff showing all her best with patient care and her compassion and commitment to her work. She gets along well with her colleagues or co-workers, working together with team spirit in her daily routines or any newly assigned task. She is responsible and dependable thus, making her an asset to our department.


Julie Ann De Leon’s creativity and innovation to any tasks given to her are outstanding. As her supervisor, I admired her for being supportive to her managers and colleagues. She is well rounded with excellent clinical skills, proper knowledge, and good professional bearing; plus compassionate care towards her patients, colleagues, whether superior or subordinate to her.

The time when she was covering the HN, who was on vacation, she did the job without thinking that it was just temporary. Our ward was able to comply with the competency requirements of most staff because of her management. She was able to organize the task perfectly, although she is busy complying with administrative requirements while as acting HN; she is able to balance her schedule by still having the time with the patients. Never was there a day, while on duty that she would not go back and check on them. Also, she has that ability to encourage her colleagues to improve their performance, whether older or younger than her and regardless of nationality. Her influence on her colleagues’ performance is evident when she is leading the team the endorsement and shifting of patients to the OR is done as expected and very satisfactory. She is also one person who welcomes extra assignments when requested, like the nurse assembly or big events in nursing. We always get a positive feedback of her notable contributions.

When the Oral Maxillofacial surgery clinic was reorganized to have only the dental assistants stay, all consultants unanimously insisted that Ms. Julie is retained because of her performance and excellent skills. She is relied on for the patient’s admission, to their treatment, follow up and discharge. She is highly effective and most sought after, but this did not make her head big, she remained grounded and consistently effective. Her special qualities were also noted by our DON, who has always considered her a good role model.

She is hands-on with her patients and would spare her valuable time answering their needs and queries. She has that special magic. Uncooperative patients for dental extraction become very cooperative because she takes the time to explain to them how the procedure is done and how they will be able to take care of themselves after the extraction. She explains clearly their take-home medications, how to take them, and what to avoid while on this medication. This is why most of them are in search of her, she is most valued because of her ability to look after them. She is highly committed to ensuring that they are safe and in good hands. She has the patience and competence to assist them.  Her compassionate care to our patients in the clinic and in wards is exceptionally satisfactory. She is not the type who just wants the work done, but she is noticed to consistently do her tasks with the deepest passion that is rare to find nowadays.