Julianne Arellano

Julianne Arellano

Julianne Arellano, RN

Progressive Care Unit
Mainland Medical Center
Texas City, Texas
United States
No matter what my problem is, Julianne arrives and calms me down.

I was a patient in the Progressive Care Unit at Mainland Medical Center. Everyone who saw me was very professional, but one stands out far and above the rest and she is Ms. Arellano.

No matter what my problem is, she arrives and calms me down.  Ms. Arellano explains to me what is going on in terms that I can understand.  She is very highly educated and professional in her field and a very compassionate young woman.

I could go on and on about her. The six things that you have listed here are just a few examples of this young woman’s qualities.

My mother was a nurse from 1943-1954 and I remember how tired and frustrated she would get knowing that she couldn’t make everything right. That seems to be the way Ms. Julianne Arellano is.  I believe she is a true leader.

Thank you for letting me compliment Julianne, she is the best!