Julia De Vera

Julia De Vera, BSN

East Orange General Hospital
East Orange, New Jersey
United States

Proven to be a patient advocate when she assesses and relates the patient's condition to the MD. Sometimes in support of more pain meds as deemed necessary.

Julia Devera is very knowledgeable of the policies and procedures of the unit, and seeks to gain knowledge where deficiencies are present.

She identifies issues with her patients that are not necessarily physical, but are vital to their health and well being, identifying and anticipating post discharge needs, and addressing same with social worker, and MD prior to patient being discharge.

Julia has received multiple positive comments on her actions and caring nature from the patients, and their families.

Julia has proven, although a fairly young nurse, that she is dedicated and committed to Nursing Excellence as exemplified in her plan of care, when she identifies the post discharge needs of her patients and collaborates to see that plans for the patient discharge needs are in place.