Julia Castro
August 2020
Family BirthPlace
St Vincent's Medical Center Clay
United States




Honestly, I don't usually take time and write when I've had a good experience somewhere. But you deserve to know about the incredible experience Julia gave me at St Vincent's. I'd write to anyone, any day, all day about the experience she gave me, and my entire family and my boyfriend.

I am 25 years old and I came in to have my first baby and I was absolutely terrified. I met the night staff and everyone was amazing. I met Julia the first night I became a mother. I felt so alone and scared because I didn't want to screw it up. Julia walked into my room and introduced herself and she was so confident and comfortable with her job. She said "it's you and me tonight. We are a team. We are going to be having a sleepover together." And I just loved her from that moment on. No question was a dumb question and breastfeeding was terrible at first. She helped me anytime I asked for help and NEVER showed she was tired, and she never got annoyed. Without asking, she went into detail on everything, so I wasn't so nervous and I understood everything. She made me feel like a superwoman and she loves her job. I can see it. And I can feel it. My whole family could. I stayed 5 days in the hospital and Julia was there every single night. She did everything in her power to make sure I had a memorable experience, because, well, having a baby can be overwhelming and exhausting. I can't even explain enough what she's done for my boyfriend and me. And our son has a lifelong friend in Julia. She by far exceeded me and my family’s expectations of St. Vincent's. I tell her that there's no way for me to thank her enough. That there's nothing I could do to show just how much I appreciate her hard work. So, if you just give her an award, or go tell her how amazing she is, even shake her hand, it really would mean the world to me to give back to her in this small way compared to all she did for me. You don't wanna lose this one. She's one of a kind and she is INCREDIBLE at her job.