Judy Brandell

Judy Brandell, RN

Mercy Health - Fairfield Heart Hospital
Fairfield, Ohio
United States
Judy and the doctor’s caring and compassion were above and beyond any interaction that I have had with any RN/Doctor team.

I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Brandell. It was not under the best circumstances, it was rather a stressful day. You see, I went to have my yearly mammogram and a mass was detected. I was instructed that I needed to meet with Judy and she would get me set up for a needle biopsy. Upon sitting down with Judy, I could tell immediately that she was a very compassionate person. From the tone of her voice to the way she pulled her chair up to me and looked me in the eye. She carefully explained the procedure that I was about to have. She explained everything from who would be in the room to the noises that the machine would make. She assured me that she would be with me every step of the way. The first thought I had upon learning that a needle would be stuck in my breast to extract material was very alarming. But Judy made me feel very at ease. And in the day that followed that is exactly what happened….I was at ease.

Judy stayed true to her word, she was there every step of the way. Explaining everything that was going on and holding my hand. Telling me to squeeze her hand if anything hurt. I cannot explain the feeling that having her with me meant. She met with my family explaining to them the procedure I was about to undergo and asking them if they had any questions and if they would like to meet the doctor. I’m sure that put their minds to rest knowing that Judy was the one that would be with me.

I had only met this nice lady the day before but felt as if I had known her for a long time. We had things to talk about through the procedure, the sharing of her family with me, only made the feeling of knowing her stronger. I am struggling in trying to convey, to find the words that accurately describe the appreciation I have for Judy and the care that I received from her and the whole team. This is a scary time in any woman’s life to be told that a mass had been found in your breast but Judy and the doctor’s caring and compassion were above and beyond any interaction that I have had with any Rn/Doctor team. I appreciate how she made me feel like I was her only patient, even though I know that she has the same hard conversations over and over on a daily basis. She made me feel that my health was important to her. Judy is an example of what a nurse should be, kind, caring and compassionate. As a Mercy employee myself, I am proud that Judy Brandell works here! Mercy is extremely lucky that she has chosen here to work and help people. She demonstrates Mercy’s values in every way. I feel truly blessed to have Judy with me through this journey.