Joshua Fletcher

Josh Fletcher

Joshua Fletcher, RN

Atrium ICU
Broward Health Medical Center
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States
Josh remained, calm, collected and supportive of each one of these family members.


Josh is a nurse who is always there when you need him. He is not afraid to step in when there is a tough situation. When you see his name in the charge nurse position, you can breathe a little sigh of relief because you know he has your back, and will do whatever it takes to facilitate excellent patient care, all while maintaining a cool, calm environment. He will respond to all the codes, the rapid responses and brain attacks without hesitation. He steps in when there is a tough situation.


When there was a shooting incident at the airport, he was one of the first to run to the trauma bay to assist with whatever needed to be done. When a patient needs urgent attention, he will go out of his way to make the calls to get the matter addressed and taken care of. The day after the shooting, Josh was in charge of the Atrium ICU. He worked with emergency preparedness, the FBI and administration to ensure that the families of the patients and the deceased were taken care of in the best way possible given the horrible circumstances. He placed numerous phone calls, to ensure the families would be able to arrive safely, to keep them updated without disclosing too much, and embraced the families like they were his own. He even said, "I developed a rapport with that family, they are from Southern Ohio, like me." We see these tragedies happening in the world, but when it's here, in our backyard, it is so real and puts so many things in perspective. We see the initial reports on the news, but you never know what goes on in the days after these incidents behind the scenes. You hear the screams, and the cries from families when they hear the information for the first time, and again as the next family members come and see their other loved ones also experiencing this grief for the first time. Josh remained, calm, collected and supportive of each one of these family members. He went out of his way and bought the children of the victims french fries and milkshakes. He even treated the staff that day to lunch. He utilizes humor when appropriate, to provide these grief stricken families with a smile that somehow in the midst of all of the darkness provides a small ray of light. Josh also ensured that a priest/pastor was available to the patients and families that day. Even when the patient couldn't ask, he had Father Joe pray over them. He doesn't leave anyone behind.


Josh is quick, will be there before you can ask. He is personable and makes you feel important. He will be there, whenever you need him. I have seen him grow and develop into the excellent nurse that he is. He is strong, smart, a resource, a leader; he is someone we can all count on. Thank you, Josh, for the amazing work that you do. Even in this tragic situation with high emotions, you have kept your cool. You always say hello to people, it doesn't matter who or where they are from. Josh does all of these gestures, because of the person he is. He does not expect recognition or a pat on the back. He genuinely just wants to help others.