Josette Bustamante

Josette Bustamante

Josette Bustamante, RN

Med /Surg
Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Moreno Valley, California
United States

Although I had great service and bedside manner from each nurse, I just felt Josette went beyond the call of duty. I was feeling very depressed the first night/morning when Josette became my nurse. She went out of her way to lift my spirits as we laughed together. I felt the dark clouds over my head disappear. Whenever I called for help she came, and if she couldn't, she sent someone in her place. She allowed me to seek independence but also ensured my safety at all times. She has such a great attitude and passion for her patients. I truly believe my healing was good and fast because of the great care giver I had by my side.


I would like Josette to receive the DAISY Award because during my stay here and through all the testing and needle poking she was a friendly face saying "It will be ok" and "Can I get you anything?". That really helped when I am sitting here seeing all these different faces, she was my constant.