Joseph Barcellos

Joseph Barcellos, RN

Medical Cardiac North
Memorial Hospital - University of Colorado Health
Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

Joe was given a patient who was chronically ill. The patient was cared for at home by her husband and he was expecting her to go back home even though her condition kept declining. Joe did a fantastic job developing a relationship with the patient’s husband and explained her condition. Joe walked him through her status so that the husband had a better understanding that his wife may not make it through the night. Joe explained what may happen next and what it would look like. The patient continued to decline and was a DNR, so Joe played a great supportive role. The husband knew when his wife was taking her last breaths due to Joes teaching and was able to be by her side at that last moment. Joe was such a help to this family and made her passing a bit more understandable so her husband could care for his wife through the final breath. Great job Joe!