Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia, RN

Beaumont Hospital Troy
Troy, Michigan
United States

There was a staffing shortage on the 2E/MOU unit midnight weekend shift and a day shift nurse volunteered to work. When she came into work there were only 2 patients at 11 pm and by 2 am the EC had delivered an additional 10 patients to the unit. This was a bit much for 2 nurses and one tech to see to everyone’s immediate needs in such a short period. It has been well known that MOU’s MN shift was special “Friends at Work” goes very deep with this crew.
Jose Garcia stopped in to say hello on his way to Meijers (apparently he doesn’t sleep during the night even on his days off). Looking back he was the answers to their prayers. Seeing how busy they were he sprung into action, greeting the patients as they arrived and attending to everyone’s immediate comfort needs. This allowed the two nurses to continue to take the reports that were being asked of them so that they did not delay the EC in getting the admitted patients out of their department. Remarkably, his help for a couple of hours allowed them to get everything completed prior to the beginning of the day shift! Patients felt their needs were addressed promptly and the staff left feeling satisfied of a job well done.
This shift is more like “Family at Work”. Their support of one another should be commended!