Joni Bannister

Joni Bannister

Joni Bannister, RN

Children's Health Children's Medical Center Dallas and Children's Health Children's Medical Center at Legacy
Dallas, Texas
United States

...Over the last 13 years I have literally worked alongside hundreds of Registered Nurses and during that time I have never been more impressed than I am with Joni Bannister. She has easily provided the best learning experience during my time in the UTA BSN program and she seemed to provide that experience effortlessly. Joni embodies all of the qualities that make nursing one of the most highly respected professions that exist today. She is intelligent, self-motivated, compassionate, and autonomous except in circumstances that unquestionable required additional resources. Her professionalism is benchmark and she has an astounding attention to detail that repeatedly impressed me on a daily basis. She is a valuable asset to Children's and any student who has the opportunity to learn from her.

Joni Bannister is undoubtedly the highest performing preceptor I have ever encountered. Thank you Joni, for your time and the amazing experience.


I believe this UTA BSN student's experience with Joni has shown her selfless service, commitment to excellence, passionate advocacy, and unwavering integrity to her profession and Children's Health.