Jonathan DePalma

Jonathan DePalma

Jonathan DePalma, RN, CPN

Cook Children's Medical Center
Fort Worth, Texas
United States
Jonathan was very calm, while also keeping a careful eye on her.

My daughter has had several hospital stays here, and Jonathan was her nurse on the first full day of this stay. She was having episodes of what we now know to be dystonia, and it was scary to watch. Jonathan was very calm, while also keeping a careful eye on her.

At one point, she had to go downstairs for an x-ray, and she had an episode there. A med alert was called, and the team was about to intubate her. Jonathan came in at that point and calmed the situation down, letting everyone know that she had been having the episodes upstairs and was able to come out of it on her own. I believe that Jonathan kept my daughter from being unnecessarily intubated. Jonathan knew her recent behavior well enough to spare her a procedure that would have been especially traumatic given her complex medical issues. I'm so glad that she didn't need to be intubated and that Jonathan saw that and spoke up.

We did end up going to the PICU for a week, and Jonathan stayed very calm, watching over my daughter while we waited to be transported. When we got out of the PICU, Jonathan was one of my daughter’s nurses again. Once again, he was calm, patient and very understanding. Some things came up that were new to us, and he was extremely considerate and professional while helping us get answers to our questions.

Another x-ray was ordered, and Jonathan went out of his way to make it possible for the x-ray team to come up to our room. I know he did this out of consideration for what we had been through in the beginning, and I am so grateful that he cared enough to spare us the worry. If an upstairs x-ray hadn't been possible, I think he would've taken his lunch break or done whatever necessary to go downstairs with my daughter. She is still here in the hospital, but is smiling again! She has been so blessed to be in Jonathan's care, he is a true DAISY Nurse.