Jolly Ambalathunkal

Jolly Ambalathunkal

Jolly Ambalathunkal, RN

Cancer Center
Hennepin County Medical Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States

There was a patient recently that was receiving daily IV antibiotics in the infusion room being cared for by Jolly. She felt his complaints and physical condition were symptomatic of something more than the cystitis for which he was being treated. She contacted the doctor and with persistence had the patient further evaluated. He was diagnosed with lymphoma two days later.

Her intuition and clinical skills are exemplary. She is self-assured and calm. Patients have expressed their sense of being completely cared for when Jolly is their nurse. She exudes warmth and compassion. She has developed meaningful relationships with her patients. She serves as a mentor and a role model for other nurses. Nurses that have worked inpatient and come to work in the Cancer Center request her to be their preceptor. Nurses that have been here longer often say, "I learned this from Jolly".

She acts on issues. For example, she noticed inefficiency in our stock supply. She asked for staff input and contacted the supply room to implement a change, which was a very positive change. She is a hard worker, cares about the patients experience and is loved by her patients and co-workers.

Jolly excels in all areas of oncology nursing. She is reliable and takes on additional responsibilities as a nurse in the Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is committed to safe, quality care and does not hesitate to bring forward issues or suggestions for improvement.

In August, Jolly celebrated her 30th year at HCMC. She has acquired vast oncology knowledge in that time and is an invaluable resource and mentor to others. One of Jolly's best qualities is the gift of presence she gives to patients and caregivers. All her attention and compassion is focused on them as she provides care. It is a privilege to work with her.