Johnny Player

Johnny Player

Johnny Player, RN

Medical Short Stay Unit
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
United States
Johnny took the extra time to assist my uncle to breathe easier.

I would like to thank the University of Michigan’s Palliative Team for the care they gave my uncle. The staff that tended to my uncle was phenomenal! However, I wanted to bring to your attention the actions of one of your team members, Johnny Player. I have had my fair share of interactions with aides and hospice personnel, from my grandmother to my father, and have come to appreciate the little interactions that professionals display that show that the person that we know will soon pass but is still a sentient being. Often, we hear that females are better in the role of caretaker, but for the caretaker role played during my families most recent hospital/palliative experience, Johnny stood out as exceptional.

The extra time that Johnny took to connect with my family, and my uncle, was admirable. I was surprised to witness such effortless interactions with my uncle, initiated by Johnny. For example, Johnny took the extra time to assist my uncle to breathe easier. I know that his attentiveness to the little things that assisted in my uncle’s comfort, made me feel at ease, and it relaxed my uncle during his last nights on earth.

I know that I was not the only person positively impacted and touched by Johnny’s interactions with my uncle and other family members. My cousins not only mentioned Johnny to their wives, but to me multiple times over the course of the week. The interactions they had with Johnny during the nights they stayed in the hospital were important to them. They also appreciated his spirit and words during this time. Collectively, we took notice of the extra care to the details that Johnny exercised. I am grateful that Johnny treated my uncle as a whole human being while in his care.

I want to also thank your staff for accommodating our large family, and for making my aunt and cousins feel at ease during this hospitalization.