John Aylsworth

John Aylsworth

John Aylsworth, RN, BSN

Emergency Department
Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms
Twenynine Palms, California
United States
It was totally apparent that John genuinely cared and wanted to see that my pain was managed to the best of his ability.

I arrived at the ER sometime around 4 am and the staff was quick and efficient to deal with my needs. I had a Micro Discectomy a month prior and re-injured the same disk area L5/S1. Even during turnover, the staff ensured that the incoming staff was up to speed on my injury and went the extra mile to ensure that I had received the best care possible.

The oncoming nurse, John, has by far been the best nurse I have had in my almost 21 years of service. It was totally apparent that he genuinely cared and wanted to see that my pain was managed to the best of his ability. He even was considered how I was to get to the medical center while causing the least discomfort, which ended up being a transport via ambulance.

I can't say enough about the care that I received that day in the ER, so much that it made me emotional to think that the crew did everything in their power to ensure that I got the care I need without delay. They treated me as if I was a person and not just a rank as I feel that the crew would have done the same for whoever came through the door. Which has restored my faith in Navy Medicine.

Please accept this ICE Comment as the highest form of praise that I can give in my post-operative condition. From a warm concerning smile, pain management, ensuring that I ate, and transportation plan they covered every base of thinking about the total patient. I beg you that this comment card reaches those service members, as I will not feel complete if I do not express my gratitude and inform their employer of such genuine people who represented Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms and the United States Navy service in the highest regard.