Johannie Camat

Johannie Camat

Johannie Camat, RN

Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Center
St. Luke's Medical Center Global City

Han provided professional and extraordinary care to me. She provided me with information on procedures to clean and replace my colostomy bag. She provided a positive way to get me through the course of life.

She expresses the sincere nursing technique of her profession. She delivers excellent nursing skills and cares for her patients. She expresses her humbleness in a positive way. I felt like a part of her family. She knows her job. She made a difference in my situation in a very positive way. Thank you, Han.


Han has always been my mother's attending nurse from the Center for Pelvic Floor Disorders ever since she was operated on. Along with her colleagues, they have not failed to do their job well and always make my mom and I leave the center with a smile on our faces. They never make my mom or me feel that they have to be there or that there is a procedure or treatment going on.

Whenever they do their procedures, they always do them happily, well, perseveringly and simply. They always find resourceful and practical ways to fix the problem and they never settle for anything but the best. They are very humble to receive nothing but a wonderful smile, sincere gratitude, and stories that will make them smile and happy. Han is a great nurse that needs to be labeled and looked up to by current and future nurses. Her values, love of God, family, patients and her job will always bring her further not only in her career but in life.