Joe Pisa

Joe Pisa

Joe Pisa, RN

Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center
Thousand Oaks, California
United States
When I returned Joe was at the bedside with Mom. He gave words of compassion and encouragement.

During our care after total knee replacement, Joe was our nurse extraordinaire.  Joe was generous with his time.  He was knowledgeable and his personal touch was so appreciated during such a painful recovery.  He always was available for answers and quick on his feet when we really needed him.

I went home to shower and changed, and Mom had suffered a setback with her pain while I was gone.  When I returned Joe was at the bedside with Mom.  He gave words of compassion and encouragement. He got the medications handled quickly and was kind enough to stay with Mom until she felt better.  Joe always stayed late to check on her and never looked at the clock.  His lunch was always after he made sure we were okay.  That being said, Joe asked me several times a day if I needed anything to eat, drink or even to take a break while he stayed with Mom.

I feel like we were not really prepared for the effects of this surgery or the pain that would have to be endured.  Joe truly had all the answers to our questions as well as explanations of different medicines ordered and why.  It is scary having to be in an unfamiliar place having this kind of surgery with so many questions and fears.

Rest assured Joe never wavered.  He not only knew all of the answers but even shared his mom’s knee replacement experience with us.  We feel that Joe is a true asset to the medical profession as well as Los Robles Hospital.  We wish him well as he continues to make a difference in the lives of his patients.