Jody Shaw

Jody Shaw, RN,BSN, OCN

Cancer Center
Mercy Medical Center - Cedar Rapids (IA)
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States

I have been using a walker for 2 years now. All I need is 2 knee surgeries, which have been cancelled 3 times since November, 2013. My hemoglobin is too low for surgery and I survived a heart attack in late fall, 2013. Now, I am having iron infusions to attempt to raise my iron levels so I can have the knee surgeries. The whole process has been very stressful.

If it were not for the compassion Jody shows me at every visit, I'm not sure I could tolerate more medical procedures. She always welcomes me with warm kind-heartedness, assuring me in her altruistic manner that she will be checking on me throughout the procedure, which is about 2 hours. Her attending skills are exemplary, always the considerate professional, delivering her services with a smile. ALWAYS! She is flawless throughout my weekly procedures with an easy going, relaxed, comfortable approach. She has turned this traumatic adventure into one of a personal disclosure of our Czech culture heritage.

It is because of Jody that I no longer dread coming for my iron infusions. I always leave with a warm hug and have also observed her saying to another patient- "will we see you again?" When the response was "no", she quickly excused herself from me, traveled with her warm hug across the room to give to the woman who had completed her treatments. She is an asset to this department, she listens to patients, is very detail oriented, and has the ability to sense any situation which may require delving into further research or inquiries. She is definitely a team player.

I have lost 72 pounds in preparation for surgery and my skin has lost some of its elasticity. I observed her asking for assistance in placing the IV needle into my arm and just as quickly offering to assist her colleagues in similar situations. She has the total compendium to minimize very stressful circumstances with her combination of professional skills, the ability to relate on a personal level, and the extension of this attitude projected to my next appointment- which is today! Thank you Jody!