Jodi Bosak

Jodi Bosak, RN

Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States
Jodi's close attention was so comforting and truly made me feel like I could just enjoy my baby’s first hours, rather than spend those precious moments worrying.

Jodi took outstanding care of my sweet little one and I while we were admitted to the hospital. We were fortunate enough to have Jodi for four of my five days admitted to the hospital. Jodi was there from the day that I was admitted to the day before my discharge. As my hospitalization progressed, my care needs changed drastically, and Jodi skillfully stood to the challenges of taking the very best care of my baby and me.

Upon arriving on the unit, there were some concerns about our baby’s breathing, and talk about involving the NICU in his care.  This is a very scary thing for any new mom to hear. While I could tell Jodi was concerned, she spoke to me with confidence, she kept a very close eye on my baby for hours after our arrival, and she kept in touch with both his doctor and the NICU for even longer than they had recommended. Her close attention was so comforting and truly made me feel like I could just enjoy my baby’s first hours, rather than spend those precious moments worrying. Jodi also kept a very close eye on me those first few hours. She was always cautious to make sure my privacy was considered (which was not always easy with the constant flow of visitors), and she worked hard to keep my pain well controlled. Between checking on the baby, my pain, and my healing, she was in my room at least hourly, if not more often, that first day.

One of the things that stood out most about Jodi was how she “thinks outside the box.” My mom actually was the first to notice this, and once she mentioned it to me I realized that she was absolutely right. Regardless of the issue at hand, Jodi was amazing at coming up with solutions that were not necessarily medication related to help me. Now, most post-partum issues that arise are not pretty or fun to talk about openly, so giving specific examples without getting graphic is a little difficult. But some of the things she offered me to help ease my way were a fan and heat packs (which contradict each other, but in the world of post-partum apparently your body can need both!), and several other creative solutions to help ease healing.

The second and third day of my hospitalization pain control was difficult for me, and as a result, I was not in my best form. Actually, I was quite embarrassed by the way I treated the most caring nurse while I was not feeling well. Jodi cared for me with such respect and compassion, despite my not being very nice in return. In such a situation, it takes a truly special person to be able to see past the bad attitude they’re dealing with, and continue to give complete loving, compassionate care. While Jodi has many, many qualities that make her stand out as an exceptional nurse, I think this is the quality that truly marks her as a DAISY Nurse. At PAMC, we take great pride in our core values. Exemplifying compassionate care for all, especially the weak and vulnerable is what our founding sisters taught us. And during those times that I was feeling my worst and not giving her the appreciation she deserved for the excellent care she continued to give me, she turned her compassion up even more. Jodi recognized this as a time in need of more loving care. During my hardest days of healing, Jodi offered me great compassion, respect, justice, and excellence in care. She did not turn away when I acted ungratefully, instead, she came with more love, and did all that she could to ease my way. I am so grateful for the care I received with on the MBU, and for the care my baby received.

Jodi’s nursing care and expertise exemplify what we stand for here at PAMC. She is a prime example of excellence in nursing, and I am proud to be able to recognize such a wonderful colleague and nurse.

Thank you, Jodi, for your care, and for easing my way! I am so very grateful.