Joanna Koeppel

Joanna Koeppel, RN

Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Joanna cared for my father during the first few days of his ICU admission in the beginning of May. She was consistently attentive to his needs while allowing for privacy and family comfort. She went above and beyond to create a comfortable environment, such as bringing extra pillows and arranging family photos. On my first visit, I arrived shortly after her shift ended. Even though she was done with work for the day, she stayed to discuss his situation with me and answer all of my question. I did not feel rushed, and I sensed her genuine care and concern. After that weekend Joanna was no longer his assigned nurse, but she would stop to ask me about his progress when I passed her in the hallway. The day that we extubated my father to allow for his inevitable passing, she hugged me in the hallway and told me how much she'd enjoyed her short time with me. And I can say with total honesty that Joanna is the type of nurse that is truly a credit to the profession. I was comforted to know that she was with my father during his last days.