Joann Wood

Joann Wood

Joann Wood, RN

ICU Stepdown
Oakwood Healthcare System
Dearborn, Michigan
United States

Joann was my father's nurse during his stay on the 3rd floor in July. I cannot even begin to tell you what a caring and special person Joann is. My father was admitted to the Dearborn campus for some respiratory distress along with early phase of pneumonia. During the first few hours of my father being transferred to the 3rd floor from the ED, he needed to be intubated. As anyone could imagine, this was devastating to my family.

My stepmother sat in the hospital with him from sun up to sun down, and her mind raced with the "what if's". Joann was that "breath of fresh air" that our family needed. She checked on my family nearly every day, and when we were told that my father needed a miracle to pull through, she was our miracle.

She promised my dad if he could be strong enough to come off of the vent, she would bake him a cheesecake(Cheesecake is my father's favorite dessert).

My father eventually made it off of the vent, and we were ecstatic. Joann baked him the cheesecake as promised, and he was happier than you could imagine.

Shortly after extubation, my father was transferred to the 10th floor. Joann came to visit my father on her day off. Joann washed him up, shaved him, and made sure that he would be taken care of.

I cannot tell you enough how special Joann Wood RN is. I am also an Oakwood nurse, and I know how much Oakwood's Credo means to our healthcare system. Joann displays compassion, respect, excellence, diversity, and ownership in her work. A simple thank you from me and my family is just not enough.

Joann is truly a role model in the nursing field, and I am honored that we had a chance to have her as our nurse.

Joann, you are amazing.