Jo Yamut

Jo Yamut, RN

St. Rose Dominican Hospital - San Martin Campus
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

I had the unfortunate opportunity to be admitted to the IMC, but, much to my surprise, I had a great experience. All of the IMC RN's were great, but one particularly stood out, Jo Christine Yamut. She demonstrated critical thinking, time management, and advocated for my needs. She anticipated and acted upon dilemmas as they arose.

When I was in tears, she gave me pain medication. When I felt nauseous, she placed a cool towel behind my neck and gave me support. When I was exhausted, she supported my healing by kicking all of my visitors out.

There was confusion about a physician consultation that took several calls and time to orchestrate, but she was able to get everything resolved with style and grace. She made me feel like I was the only patient on the unit. She has a special touch that made me feel at ease when I needed her most.