Jo Ann Hunt

Jo Ann Hunt

Jo Ann Hunt, RN

Family Maternity Center
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
Boise, Idaho
United States

Jo Ann Hunt is fabulous. Joann is an angel. I had my daughter, after being induced a week early and slightly nervous. She was so helpful with my kids and husband and making sure I was comfortable. After I delivered my daughter, I hemorrhaged badly. Joann helped keep my husband calm and stayed by my side as long as she could.

I had a rough few days in the hospital. Once I was finally moved to postpartum, Joann came to check on me. I was not her patient to worry about at that time, but I was struggling horribly with depression and anxiety and unsure what to do. She talked with me for quite a while, she said she had prayed for me when she left the first night and would pray again.

I was lucky enough to have her on my care team a second time in postpartum. She was as sweet as ever. My daughter was having difficulties and was not going to be discharged which worried me. Joann assured me that things would be ok. She worked tirelessly to make sure I was taken care of.

Jo Ann is the epitome of what a nurse should be. Joann is an inspiration and an angel on Earth and deserves her moment in the spot light if that's all I can give her.