Jim Elliott

Jim Elliott, RN

Patient Relations and Service
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Every once in a while, a nurse demonstrates such caring, understanding, and interpersonal skills that I am in awe, and motivated to better myself.

Jim Elliott, RN, worked with our awesome Patient Relations and Service Department. I had a chance to watch Jim in action, and I'll never forget what I saw. Jim reviewed a patient situation with the team members, established joint goals, and then began to communicate with the patient. Jim's affect was cool and calm throughout, and his sincere desire for the patient's safe outcome was obvious. He addressed each point with the patient from a thoughtful, caring perspective, creating a calm, collaborative environment. He thoughtfully communicated, bringing the conversation back on point when needed. He sat eye-level to the patient the entire time, which clearly made the patient feel comfortable. The patient seemed to trust only Jim, and this was the main reason we were finally able to come to a safe plan.

Jim's presence helped not only the patient, but all of us that were involved. His impact was significant, and memorable. I'm so grateful to him, and proud to be on his team. He is a fantastic nurse, and person.