Jill Barry

Jill Barry, RN

Intermediate Care Unit (Medicine)
Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Jill even requested to switch pods so she could care for him.

I've written and rewritten this a few times; too lengthy but there is so much to say about Jill. My husband R was in bad shape when he got here in October; severe and hard running heroine and meth addict, he came here with high fevers and lots of bacterial blood infections; unable to move his left hand. The list can go on and on. He was combative, rude, and uncooperative with staff, screaming at everyone and throwing things across the room. Most feared him, I think even Jill. However, Jill always saw the human side. She didn't see a junkie or someone who didn't deserve the same understanding and compassion as other patients. She listened to him and learned and asked questions while waiting for the answer.

Jill never made him feel that he was not worthy of being cared for. She showed him patience and knew when he needed space or when he needed something as simple as checking in to say "Hi." R had moved and she came over to check on him periodically. She even requested to switch pods so she could care for him. This help R feel relaxed and safe because it is hard to trust when you are an addict. Jill is one of a kind and the world needs more people like her. You cannot teach what Jill has, it's a gift and very few could hold a candle to her. I could go on and on about how great Jill is. Please let her know that she has made such a difference in our lives and she is a beautiful and amazing nurse. We are so blessed to have met her!