Jessika Blake

Jessika Blake

Jessika Blake, BSN, RN

Pediatric Medical-Surgical Unit 4 Wolfson
Wolfson Children's Hospital
Jacksonville, Florida
United States
Jessika was the best nurse she ever had and she knew she truly cared about her.

I want to recognize and nominate for the DAISY Award, Jessika Blake, a compassionate and caring nurse who floated to Weaver 4 to cover a 7 pm shift.  It was a very busy night with a Rapid Response called on the A side. She was on the B side caring for an orthopedic patient experiencing a great deal of pain despite being on a PCA continuous with demands. The patient had desatted to the 80s during the night and she called the orthopedic team. Oxygen was ordered and placed on the patient and saturations returned to above 90.  Her mother and grandmother were at the bedside and neither had rested during the night. 

When I arrived for my 7 am shift the grandmother was in the family room crying.  I went in to offer help, thinking this was a new oncology diagnosis, and she proceeded to describe the night.  During the conversation several times, this grandmother told me her nurse had been wonderful and although she couldn't remember her name, she wanted to make sure the nurse was recognized for her caring and skill.  It is always great to hear patients and families praise our team members. When I learned the nurse had floated from 4 Wolfson and cared for a patient in a population she did not frequently care for, I was impressed, especially with the degree of praise she was given.  One of the words used was, “angel.”  Jessika stayed over until the pain service physicians came to make rounds, ensuring the events of last night were relayed and advocated for pain management for her patient. 

I had the opportunity to speak with the patient, a teen, who over and over told me Jessika was the best nurse she ever had and she knew she truly cared about her. The incident puts in perspective that we on this unit sometimes forget families other than the oncology families need our understanding, support and compassionate caring.  

Jessika, thank you for sharing your many gifts with us at Wolfson; congratulations, you make us proud!