Jessica Trino

Jessica Trino, RN

Lutheran Medical Center (CO)
Wheat Ridge, Colorado
United States

I am writing to tell you of my experience with one particular nurse, Jessica Trino. In preface, I must say that I found all of the nursing staff that I came in contact with during my surgery and subsequent recovery time to be knowledgeable and professional. However, I found Jessica Trino to be a special nurse and I wanted to commend her to you specifically.

Jessica was not only knowledgeable and professional in her conduct; she went out of her way to treat me as an individual and not just a patient. What Jessica has cannot be taught and that is caring, because of that she has crossed the line from being professional and competent to being an exceptional nurse. As busy as she was during each visit to my room, she would take a moment to talk with me on a personal level, asking me a question about my life or my children and allowing me to do the same of her. We connected on a personal level that eased my stress at being at the hospital.

Besides having a successful outcome to my surgery, the highlight of my stay was meeting Jessica Trino and having her care for me. Her sunny disposition and caring attitude will stay with me long after the surgery has healed. Take care of this one, she is a jewel.