Jessica Darrow

Jessica Darrow

Jessica Darrow, RN

Labor and Delivery
St. John Medical Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma
United States
My husband and I both felt her true compassion.

The baby was the mother’s fifth, but after her days-long stay in the hospital, it was determined her child would be delivered weeks before term. The woman’s husband was in transit, flying home even as preparations were being made for delivery. It was then the mother saw a familiar face; that of Jessica Darrow. A year before, Jessica had been with the family during another premature birth.

“She shared tears with us and comforted us,” says the mother. “She also took the time to take pictures of our precious and perfect baby girl. My husband and I both felt her true compassion.”

The mother was once again delighted that Jessica was by her side for the delivery. “Having Jess was a gift from God,” she says. “We were so blessed by her.”