Jessica Bauser

Jessica Bauser

Jessica Bauser, MSN, RN, CMSRN

MultiSpecialty Acute Care
Mariners Hospital
Tavernier, Florida
United States
Jessica is a strong patient advocate and treats her patients with respect and dignity in all situations.

Jessica displays consistent qualities including professionalism, respect, patience, and kindness to coworkers, patients, family members and visitors.  Whenever Jessica enters a patient room she addresses her patient respectfully, by their name and with proper identification and introduction of her role as a nurse.   She provides quality patient care, never swaying from kindness, caring and professionalism.  Jessica’s care revolves around the individual and specific needs of her patients in coordination with physician orders, treatments, scheduled medications and procedures to be completed.  She is a strong patient advocate and treats her patients with respect and dignity in all situations.

Jessica frequently helps out in the ICU.  She may be the second nurse in the ICU or take the time to lend a hand when needed.  I remember one night specifically, ICU had patients that required one on one observation, admissions and stat orders requiring an ICU nurse to travel with a difficult patient to imaging services.  Throughout the night Jessica came back and forth to the unit to assist in multiple ways.  Jessica also was caring for her own patient assignment on the medical surgical unit.  Jessica’s assistance, flexibility and knowledge allows for patients to be cared for safely and efficiently.

She pitches right in to help without hesitation and does not wait to be asked.  She has a positive attitude and is a team player.  Jessica consistently excels above her assigned duties in regards to assistance and flexibility towards both coworkers and patients.  Jessica’s commitment to the nursing profession is evidenced by her continued learning.  While working full time as a bedside nurse, Jessica has diligently worked and achieved both her BSN and MSN degrees.  She has conducted and presented research, reflecting her consistent efforts towards performance improvement and high quality care through the implementation of evidence based practices.

Jessica is dependable, knowledgeable, consistent, reliable and modest about her accomplishments.  Since I have known Jessica she has been a positive role model and inspiration to me. I admire the respect that Jessica displays towards her patients and co-workers.  She is not only a quality nurse but also a quality individual.