Jenny Geheb

Jenny Geheb, RN, MS, CPNP

Pulmonology Clinic
Children's Mercy Kansas City (MO)
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

My daughter has been coming to visit Dr. Black and his team since she was 2 years old. Over the past couple of years, her CF has progressed slowly but steadily. At the end of 2009, Madison was hospitalized for a period of six weeks following homebound stay and care. She was just recently hospitalized again for a period of two weeks and coming home with IV therapy. Last year, Madison's main wish was that she could come home for Christmas. Jenny made that happen and she had to pull some major strings for her to be discharged on December 23, 2009. With much effort, Madison finally got to go home. However, it was a short visit home as she had to be readmitted on December 26, 2009 with complications. I know at the time Jenny felt so bad that she had to go back into the hospital, but I truly want her to know that even though the efforts don't seem like they have a huge pay-off all the time, the gift she and Dr. Black were able to give Madison to go home for Christmas meant the world to her and our family. Madison has become resistant to many antibiotics limiting the options for treatment of her infections which can be very scary for her parents, but there is a special type of care that she has always received with Dr. Black's team and especially Jenny that give parents such as myself great ease in stress as they listen and take parents input into great consideration when it comes to treating their patients. I believe that if all doctors and nurses were to care for their patients the way that Madison has been cared for by Dr. Black and his staff of profound nurses and RT staff, the taboo that goes along with having to go see a doctor would dissipate. I know this specific situation happened over a year ago, but we continuously receive extraordinary treatment for our daughter every time we visit the clinic, when she is hospitalized, anytime that I call with concerns. It is a blessing to know and be able to trust someone with my daughter's life and not even blink an eye. I know that no matter what the obstacles may be ahead of Madison in terms of her health, her dad and I are not alone. I just wanted to make sure that the above and beyond efforts that we always receive don't get overlooked.