Jenny Bryant

Jenny Bryant

Jenny Bryant, BSN, RN

Mother Baby Unit
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Irving
Irving, Texas
United States
Jenny told us the code word, took the baby away, and we had a good 4 hours of sleep.

My wife and I are new parents, and every parent would understand the emotions attached to their first gift of a child. As ignorant as we were, with panic and no family help, we were moved into the post-partum room. While we appreciate the outstanding and professional care of the likes of those who were directly and indirectly attached to us, one individual's effort remains remarkable, and will not be forgotten. We had no idea what to do, but this nurse Jenny Bryant came as a Godsend. She helped us give the baby her first bath and kept coming by to make sure we were ok.

On the night of Friday, our baby was crying uncontrollably. We fed her, changed her, burped her, etc., but she kept crying. At about 4 am, we were sleep deprived, my wife was crying, we had no strength to carry us through the next day. We called on Jenny, who came in and took the baby, tried tirelessly for about 20 minutes till the baby burped really good. She saw we were sleep deprived and she asked if it would do us any good by her taking the baby away for a while so we could get some sleep. Immediately we chorused an answer "Yes please!" She told us the code word, took the baby away, and we had a good 4 hours of sleep.

By the time we woke, the baby was returned, nicely wrapped and asleep. The next day, Jenny did the same for us again. One may think that anyone could have done what she did. Well, she was the one that did it, and this struck us positively. She has also done many more. Taught us how to well wrap the baby, change her clothes, and even how to make her burp. She has made us proud of Baylor Scott and White Irving, and we will give this location 7-stars. Thank you to all the nurses. Thank you to Baylor, and mostly thank you to Nurse Jenny Bryant.