Jennifer Trevino

Jennifer Trevino

Jennifer Trevino, RN

Med Surg
St. Luke's Baptist Hospital
San Antonio, Texas
United States

She was my Grandma's nurse on the night shift. I was so impressed by her as a nurse. She did everything the way we are taught to do it in nursing school and that is so hard to do completely in the field.

She rounded on us to start her shift and she started with introducing herself and her role for the night, clarified my grandma's current status, asked of any needs. She shared with us the night's plan of care and what to expect. She told us when she would be back with the evening medications and to do her assessment and she was there when she said she would be. She gave my grandma the best assessment I had seen in all the days we had been in the hospital. Throughout the night she checked on my grandma's I & O, pain assessment and addressed any other needs. In the morning, she came to say goodbye along with the day shift nurse coming on, introducing the nurse. She asked if there was anything else she could do for us before she left.

WOW, a great example of the nurse we all want to be. She remained focused, alert, and smiled the entire night.