Jennifer Marks

Jennifer Marks

Jennifer Marks, RN

Labor & Delivery
North Kansas City Hospital
North Kansas City, Missouri
United States

I am a first-time mom. Jennifer Marks met us at the check in desk and introduced herself as my nurse.  Jen was chatty and friendly and helped distract me as we went through the necessary steps.  As she checked me, she educated me on all she was doing, what my pain was and why checking my cervix felt so bad.  She took steps necessary to help me with labor and made suggestions to help progress me further. 

Jen made me laugh and took the time to get to know me.  She was kind, caring, and reassuring throughout the entire labor.  She stayed with me and held my hand through everything.  Every time the epidural had to be redone or the physician came in, she was right there.  When the decision was made to do a C-Section, I asked Jen if she could be there, even though I knew she had just a long day as I had.  She stayed with me and was the first to let me cuddle my baby.


This is Jennifer's 2nd DAISY Award!