Jennifer Hilliard

Jennifer Hillard

Jennifer Hilliard, BSN, RN, CPEN

Emergency Department
Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States
I want to tell you thank you. You made this procedure run so smoothly for my daughter.

Jenn triaged a wonderful child who presented to the ED with her mother due to complaints of chest pain. This child has Down’s Syndrome and mother had some really valid concerns when she presented to the emergency department that day. Jenn honed into the mother’s concern that was deeper than just the chest pain but the mother had been looking on the internet and was concerned about possible cancer. Jenn validated the mothers concern and addressed the plan of care to reassure her. The way she talked the mother through the triage inspired me and reminds me of what a valuable asset she is to patients and families every day.

Once the patient was roomed, Jenn had another opportunity to work with this family and was asked to start the IV and draw labs. Jenn quickly took this opportunity to help out and we both entered the room to start the work up.

Once in the room, I was amazed to see how Jenn explained the procedure to the mother and was in tune with the patient’s special needs during the procedure. The IV was started on the first try! The mother was so thankful on how this procedure was done and the wonderful experience for her child she turned to Jenn and said, “I want to tell you thank you. You made this procedure run so smoothly for my daughter. Is there a card or someone I can tell about how great my care was?” Jenn replied, “You don’t have to fill out a card. It makes me so happy to just hear you say thank you. You don’t hear that very often and I appreciate your thank you.” That was the most “feel good” moment I have experienced. I was just proud to have witnessed this in person! Then Jenn left the room to send the labs. The ED attending went into the room to see the patient and talk with the mother, the mother then asked again for the doctor to thank the nurse that started the IV for her great care. She mentioned she had a great experience from the start of her care. Jenn has gives so much every day when caring for patients and families and I feel she should be recognized.  

Earlier in the week she had used these same skills to comfort and update a mother of patient that died after a full resuscitation. She was the nurse by the mother’s side during the resuscitation and explaining what was going on during the code.  

Jenn is so in tune with the bigger picture for families that she had a conversation with a mother prior to leaving the unit if she felt safe going home when the father of the patient escalated in the ED waiting room. She truly is concerned for the overall well-being for her patients and their families.