Jennifer Haughney

Jennifer Haughney

Jennifer Haughney, RN, BSN

Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center
Charleston, South Carolina
United States
Jenn is always friendly, eager, knowledgeable, and approachable.

We had one of the busiest, most hectic days ever at the VA with the opening of the new OR 6 and 100% capacity of beds.  We also had short staffing in PACU and a full OR schedule with numerous additional surgery and anesthesia patients.  Jennifer Haughney was staffed in the ICU/PACU.  Jenn was instrumental in helping transfer a patient back to SICU when discharge criteria were met so that we could free up space and keep the OR moving.

When another patient arrived in the PACU receiving blood and vasopressors, Jenn alerted ICU of a possible admission.  We never had to ask for her help, she saw that help was needed and offered her assistance.  Jenn anticipated a problem and acted accordingly.

When the patient failed to wean off Phenylephrine, Jenn contacted the medical team to assist in providing a higher level of care so we could take care of the patient.  Jenn gathered all of the supplies when the medical team wanted to place a central line.

Jenn asked if there was anything she could do for any of the other patients in PACU before leaving at the end of her shift.  All of this was done while maintaining care for her own patient.

Jenn is always friendly, eager, knowledgeable, and approachable.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to working with her on the days she’s staffed.  With Jenn’s help, this Ortho patient was quickly treated and moved to an appropriate level of care maintaining safety and standards.  We are extremely thankful for her help and most impressed with her character and positive attitude.  She is such an asset to the VA.