Jennifer Hatzinikolas

Jennifer Hatzinikolas

Jennifer Hatzinikolas, RN

Penn Highlands DuBois
DuBois, Pennsylvania
United States
Before her shift was over, Jenn met us in the consultation room and cried a little herself.

Jenn was my Nana's nurse the day they decided to extubate her. She was intubated a couple of days prior due to respiratory failure. My Nana had a POLST that stated he was a DNR and as a family, we went against those wishes. When her respiratory status wasn't looking great after extubating the doctor stated that he needed an answer regarding code status and reintubation.

My Nana was on BiPAP for a couple of hours and during those hours Jenn was with us every step of the way. Really reiterating what the doctor had explained to us. Jenn put things in terms that everyone could understand and explaining to all of what my Nana's wishes were, what reintubation could mean in the long run. She gave each of us the time we needed to understand, and she spent a lot of time talking to us as a family but also individually. She supported all of my family in this decision and helped everyone understand why a decision needed to be made. She wasn't trying to convince anyone of anything. She was there as a support system. She listened. She explained. She comforted. She made a hard decision a little less hard for my family.

Before her shift was over, Jenn met us in the consultation room and cried a little herself. Her tears were not a sign of weakness. To us, they showed how much she cared for her patient and their family. I know we will always remember the strong impact Jenn had on our family during this difficult time. As an RN myself, I hope to be able to handle such situations with as much empathy and compassion that Jenn showed us. She truly is a great example of what it means to be an extraordinary nurse.


Note: This is Jenn's 2nd DAISY Award!