Jennifer Eccles

Jennifer Eccles

Jennifer Eccles, RN

Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

Jenny Eccles is the perfect example of what a nurse, and what nursing, is truly about. Jenny is a role model in our department for a variety of reasons. First of all, Jenny is the hardest working nurse I have ever worked with. She is a great team player and team leader. Jenny is constantly moving and asking staff/patients what she can do to help them. Without her drive and dedication to our unit and patients, our department would not flow as wonderfully as it does.

I believe nursing requires a balance of working hard and working promptly with providing an environment where patients feel cared for and comforted. Jenny demonstrates this balance completely. Day in and day out, Jenny shows the utmost kindness, empathy and compassion to all of the patients in our department. She is always able to find lighthearted topics to discuss in order to put her patients' minds at ease, while at the same time providing them with a warm blanket for comfort. Jenny listens attentively; she is patient and she truly cares about what patients are saying to her.

Clinically, Jenny is excellent. Her knowledge of health and nursing make her an excellent resource for our whole staff. Although she may not realize it, Jenny is a mentor and invaluable component of our department. She truly is a nurse that you would hope would care for your family member or dear friend because she is exceptional.