Jennifer Cantwell

Jennifer Cantwell

Jennifer Cantwell, RN

Same Day Surgery
Broward Health Imperial Point
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States
Again, Jennifer was not my assigned nurse but was the one to once again insert the IV without incident.

My most recent medical issue was a diagnosis of invasive lobular breast cancer with surgery. I have had several surgeries at IPMC and always choose this hospital because of its excellence in patient care and outcomes. I was lucky to have Jennifer be my prep nurse that day as I had a bad experience prior when it came to inserting the IV port. Jennifer was able to get an IV going with no issues at all. She was caring without being fawning, professional without being "cold". When I told her that I was to have a "SAVI" device put in for future radiation treatment, she brought over another nurse who had been through this experience herself, all for the purpose of reassuring me that I was not alone. She really cared that my entire experience is as worry-free and painless as possible.

Fast forward and a second lumpectomy had to be performed along with the removal of 13 lymph nodes. Needless to say, I was apprehensive and scared after being told I was no longer a candidate for the Savi device. I needed this additional surgery and was now facing the possibility of both chemo and radiation. Jennifer was not my assigned prep nurse that day, but I asked if she could be the one to insert my IV. Request graciously granted and once again I had the comfort of a smooth IV insertion. I witnessed how Jennifer collaborated with my assigned nurse and was most sympathetic to my distressing situation. She helped make me feel calm and confident that all would turn out just fine. Her manner is nothing short of extraordinary.

Now once again I am in same-day surgery for a re-lumpectomy. I was in some distress as my drainage tube, that had been in place since the second surgery had leaked all over my clothes on the drive to the hospital. Small issue but I was starting to "lose it" because things seemed so out of my control. Again, Jennifer was not my assigned nurse but was the one to once again insert the IV without incident. She reminded me that my stained shirt could be replaced and that I needed to just concentrate on what was truly important, my health. She made a huge difference in my outlook just by calmly pointing out the obvious.

The reason IPMC is such an excellent hospital is because of people like Jennifer Cantwell who go above and beyond what you would expect and provide that special connection that makes a patient feel "special".