Jennifer Bonnett

Jennifer Bonnett

Jennifer Bonnett, RN

Surgical ICU
Cleveland Clinic Medina Hospital
Medina, Ohio
United States
Mrs. Z's son stated many times that if Jen was not so aggressive with her care and persistence in the ER that his mother would have never survived.

As a nurse, Jen always makes sure her patients' needs are being met. Jen is a patient advocate and a team player. I have personally witnessed the exceptionalism she shows to all of her patients and I have many examples to prove it. Working in the Intensive Care Unit can be a rewarding but trying career. Recently, Jen was involved with two separate events that were very emotional. First, there was a patient in the ER that Jen was taking care of and was not expected to live. Jen was a frontline caregiver who played a direct role in this patient's survival. Mrs. Z came into the ER with a rapid HR and SOB. Mrs. Z's son stated many times that if Jen was not so aggressive with her care and persistence in the ER that his mother would have never survived. Jen continued to care for Mrs. Z in the ICU throughout her stay at  Medina Hospital which turned into a long stay. Jen developed a strong, caring relationship with Mrs. Z's family and continued to advocate for the patients' health and wellness. In the end, Mrs. Z made it out of the hospital and we recently spoke with her at the Relay for Life event that Jen is also a part of. She is still recovering after almost six months but is enjoying life. She and her family are filled with gratitude towards Jen for this time they have together.

The second example demonstrating Jen's exceptionalism involves her care in the ICU of a dying patient. Jen was caring for a man whose passing was imminent. His wife of 60 years was here and asked if she could lay with her husband as he passed, and Jen made sure his passing was as painless as possible. As this sweet couple was lying there, listening to their favorite song, we were all heartbroken for them with tears in our eyes. Many times at the hospital death is very clinical and families feel very disconnected from their loved ones. Jen made sure that the patient's wife and family had all their needs met to get them through this transition.

Jen is an active participant in our Unit Based Council and our Unit Based Employee Engagement Committee. Jen strives to make sure we have a safe place to work with good practices in place to give the best care to our patients. Jen is a team player and willing to take on leadership roles. Jen is always willing to help our employees when we need it. Jen is often floated to the Emergency Room to work out of turn because of their staffing needs, and Jen always does it willingly, understanding the needs of staffing as it affects patient care. I have worked side by side with Jen for the last 6 years and I can safely say she is at the top of my list when considering my "best friend" at work. Jen is a friend, an advocate, a leader, a wonderful caregiver, and most of all a nurse who strives for perfection.