Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford
Palo Alto, California
United States

My son stayed in the PICU at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford for over six weeks before being moved to George Mark House, a palliative care center. As parents, we lived in the worst nightmare everyday with repeated failed medical treatment attempts and possible prognosis were the worst torture we could ever imagine. Fortunately the PICU has a team of great nurses. We could not have passed that period of time that easily without their help.

Jennifer was sunlight to our dismal days. She was our primary nurse and has spent the most difficult days with us. She calls pooping a "present" and has the capability of turning a diaper change into an enjoyable and watchable event. In those days, a tiny piece of happiness could be a 'save' for the day, and she gave us many. She is very skillful and always works in a fast pace, running around the bedside all the time. We never felt being left alone, even when she was taking care of the other patient.

Jennifer spent time explaining the treatment and choices of medicines to us, for many times since it was so hard to even remember the medicine names. She was also quick to get doctors' answers for our questions, and encouraged us to bring up any concerns. She can provide more information during rounds than other nurses since she has taken care of my son for many days and has a good picture of his progress. That helped a lot and I felt very comfortable missing rounds when she took care of my son. All such communication convinced us that the treatment for my son was very thorough and was the best we could ever get anywhere.

My praise for Jennifer can go on forever, but let me stop here by saying I feel like I have a younger sister here who turned the hospital into a home for us. We said goodbye to her today; it was like leaving a family gathering.

I am writing this nomination while sitting beside my son, breathing tube out, PICC line pulled, monitors off, beeping stopped. This is our last night at Packard and tomorrow we are going to George Mark. My son looks the healthiest ever since hospitalized. His life span may be short, but he is loved by us and cared for by many people. We were treated not just as parents of a patient, but like members of a big family. I have heard many times here that "I will treat your son like my own son (or grandson)". I believe that one hundred percent because I saw it with my own eyes. My thank you list is long, but I am sure if Jennifer gets the DAISY Award, she will thank all the doctors and nurses here for me. I am so grateful that we came to Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and thank you all so much for being our family.