Jennifer Bautista

Jennifer Bautista

Jennifer Bautista, BSN, RN

Medical Oncology
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre-Riyadh
Riyadh, Ar Riyad
Saudi Arabia
Jen cares for vulnerable patients and their loved ones holistically.

We would like to say “Thank You” to a special person in our unit who does an amazing job each and every day without expecting anything in return. This unique person has a friendly sincere smile and a positive aura. It is none other than Jennifer Bautista. Simply having Jen on shift makes a difference, with her presence, one knows she can be contacted for help without hesitation.

She places patient needs on her priority list and does not compromise the quality of care by cutting corners. She cares for vulnerable patients and their loved ones holistically. When a patient is becoming unwell, Jen utilizes her resources fully to ensure the multidisciplinary team is informed, this leads to timely interventions and stabilizing patients quickly. Her caring nature does not go unnoticed by the patient, loved ones, or visitors. Jen’s motto is to motivate her patients to get well and see them go home in a stable condition. Her one hope is patients have a good stay in the unit and it is always rewarding when patient condition improves and they go home with their families.

Jen’s integrity is a value that draws others to her. She does not accept taking shortcuts with patient safety and care. She ensures when doctors order the therapy for patient’s, it is complete and staff nurses do not accept incomplete orders. She communicates effectively with the medical team and has earned their respect with her advance knowledge and nursing skills.

When patients need someone to explain what the doctors have said in the medical rounds, they turn to Jen, who ensures with her limited Arabic or the use of an interpreter the correct information reaches the patient. She does not leave the patient waiting for long periods, she ensures she prioritizes according to the patient condition. Jen is thoughtful and very compassionate, she shows her concern for patients and visitors who are sick and will take her initiative to activate the appropriate code so that help reaches her patients promptly.

As a charge nurse, retention link lead, superuser for POCT and take home taskforce leader for numerous years, Jen has developed excellent relationships with the multidisciplinary team. She is a team player who pitches in and helps others without being requested. She approaches staff and makes herself available. No task is dismissed or considered unimportant if anyone needs help, Jen will provide the necessary support.

With Jen’s support the unit clinical indicators have been improving and action plans that have been formulated involved direct staff input. She empowers staff, ensuring they are autonomous by supporting their decisions and actively listening to what the staff wants to share. She motivates staff to help in projects and promotes team building activities.

Jen is a true DAISY Nurse.