Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer Alexander, RN

3 Children's
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson, Mississippi
United States
Jennifer came to the hospital on her day off (just before starting 5 days of 12-hour shifts) just to make my son’s day!

My son was admitted to 3C for immunotherapy to hopefully keep his cancer from coming back.  This is one of several infusions we will have to receive, and this is not his first.  We know that he will have severe side effects during infusions, but there are things in place to help keep him as comfortable as possible.  He has done fairly well with other rounds and side effects and was able to be treated. 

During this round, however, he started having a lot of trouble breathing, rash, needing oxygen and breathing treatments, and scheduled for medicines for reactions.  The 3C staff was on top of his condition at the first sign of an issue.  I'm so thankful for the entire staff and their watchful eyes!  Yesterday after all this happened the night before, we were told he was being sent home to get well before trying again and he wasn't happy.  I'm looking puzzled at him, thinking "what"?  It's not like him at all to no be happy about going home and his daddy had left already because of having to be home with the poultry houses.  He's all about his Daddy, so the fact that he wasn't ready to go home and be with him shocked me.  I asked him why, and he gets up and says, "I wanted to see Jennifer!"  She is one of his favorite nurses who has been with us since the very beginning and she wasn't coming on her shift until the following day.  She always spends extra time with him and is so patient.  The nurses saw how upset he was and called her to tell her.  Needless to say, she came to the hospital on her day off (just before starting 5 days of 12-hour shifts) just to make my son’s day.  She walked in and he didn't see her, when he heard her and looked up, his eyes lit up so big and right into her arms he went! 

These nurses love their 3C babies so much!  He went from sad and crying to full of joy all because she was willing to sacrifice her time off to make him feel loved.  Thank you!!