Jenna Camp

Jenna Camp, RN

Labor and Delivery
Carolinas HealthCare System Cleveland
Shelby, North Carolina
United States
Throughout the 8 hours of labor, Jenna was constantly uplifting and encouraging my wife.

My wife and I chose CHS because of the doctors that service the L&D Department. My wife was comfortable with them, which we hoped would make the birth of our first child go as smoothly as possible. Little did we know that it was Mrs. Jenna Camp that would be the star of the staff.  From the minute she came in our room, she made my wife feel like she was the most important person in the entire hospital.  It was more than just her actions, it was the words that she used while talking to us.  She made sure that we understood everything that was happening.  Throughout the 8 hours of labor, she was constantly uplifting and encouraging my wife.  When it was time for the epidural she comforted my wife the entire time telling her how strong she was and helping keep her calm. As the night progressed it was decided that my wife needed to have a C-section due to complications. This was my wife's worst fear, but Jenna was able to sit with her and talk through all of the pros of the procedure. This settled my wife's nerves tremendously and she was able to go through the operation.  During the procedure, Jenna was by my wife's side the entire time. Jenna made this an experience that we will tell others about. She will be the main reason that we recommend CHS to all of our expecting friends.