Jean Meyer

Jean Meyer, RN

10T Cardiac/Medical
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Nominated by a patient's daughter:
Jean has shown extraordinary compassion, understanding, strength, knowledge and all the things you want a nurse to be toward my mother, myself and our family. She has been my nurse and my mother's nurse, but it was a true blessing to have her take care of my mother on her last days.
My mother, Kathleen Volker, was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension in June 2004 and was given 6 months at most without treatment. She did receive treatment and we were given three more years with her. She passed away in 2007 at St. Luke's.

I have never seen someone pass away before and it having been my mother, it was very difficult but at the same time, beautiful. I was my mother's primary care giver and I would always stay with her even overnight at the hospital. I had come to know her so well that I would know what she needed without her having to ask. She was my best friend.

Jean knew all of this and she helped explain to us, including Katie, the signs and steps of how the body would begin to shut down. Jean did this with true compassion. She explained to me about how it was when my mother passed away and then she did something I will never forget. When her mother was dying someone gave her a story about a mother and her children and how she lived her days for her children. Well, Jean had never shared that story with anyone before, until she gave it to me to read to my mother. Jean read for us, while I held my mother in my arms and we all cried.

Jean showed concern for the whole family and saw to it that our needs were taken care of and even gave the nurses meeting room to use for all the family and guests that came to say goodbye. Jean even ordered a cart of drinks and snacks.

My mother and father, Herb, were married 54 years and even though Jean has never been my father's nurse, she has always showed justy as much interest, compassion and understanding toward him.

My father and I want to thank St. Luke's Medical Center for all the care you have given us. Because of that care we have received, my father and I have donated to the Healing Garden in memory of my mother, Katie.

We thank Jean Meyer so much for being the best nurse anyone could ask for. We ask that you give her the DAISY Award.