Janice Crews

Janice Crews, RN

Progressive Coronary Care Unit
Southeast Georgia Health Center
Brunswick, Georgia
United States
Janice was just like an angel. Remarkable and amazing, but humble.

My husband was hospitalized for 38 days and I came back today (2 months later) to thank Janice for helping my husband live.  She went above and beyond to give him outstanding care. There was a time when she came into his room and his blood pressure was low. She said something about needing fluids. She immediately got an order for fluids and his blood pressure came up.  She had him another day and she noticed that his body was swollen. It was after the doctor had visited and she caught it. She called the physician who came back to the room and said he didn’t know how he had missed that. The problem was corrected. She was always a step ahead and alert to his condition. She didn’t wait for someone to give her directions. She was just like an angel.  Remarkable and amazing, but humble. She worked very quietly and didn’t want any recognition. I was so excited every time she worked.  I wish I could thank her in person.