Janet Taylor

Janet Taylor, RN

Labor and Delivery
DMC - Sinai Grace Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

DAISY AWARD Winner – Janet Taylor (L&D), 3rd Qtr Winner 2009
Nominated by: Mary Cristante, Mgr, Women & Infants Health Svcs (2East & 3East)
Janet Taylor has not only coordinated all of the training and practice sessions for the L&D staff regarding the SurgiNet “Go Live”, but she also frequently works extra shifts to ensure patient safety during her preparation of the staff for the SurgiNet “Go Live.” She has filled in at odd hours, such as 3am, worked passed her shift, and even on weekends during staffing shortages to accommodate the staff training on SurgiNet.

Recently, while giving a tour of the unit, which Janet does as another one of her projects for Promoting Excellence, she became very attached to a very young teen mother with several complicated social issues. Weeks later, after working a twelve hours shift as a super user for SurgiNet, Janet discovered the young teen mother-to-be had come into OB Triage to be evaluated for labor. Janet immediately assumed the role of patient advocate by supporting and keeping this new mother-to-be informed while in triage, which can be a very frightening situation. The teen mother was then admitted in active labor to L&D. The unit was very busy and needed a super user for a c-section that was taking place during the off-shift. Janet decided to stay over to assist not only the staff, but to coach the frightened young mother-to-be. This young teen mother had no family at her side while laboring, and Janet stayed with the young mother to reassure her and ensure that she had a safe and uneventful delivery. The teen mother eventually delivered a healthy baby that evening with the support and compassion of her nurse, Janet. This is a prime example of how Janet frequently responds to the needs of her patients and co-workers on a daily basis.

She is also a long time member of both SMANN (Southeastern MI Assoc. of Neonatal Nurses) and NANN (National Assoc. of Neonatal Nurses). At one time, she held the position of President of SMANN. These are just many of the examples of contributions that Marie makes, as a dedication to her profession. She does all of these out of the goodness of her heart.