Janet Fell

Janet Fell

Janet Fell, RN

Women's Health/OB
Aurora Lakeland Medical Center
Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States

...I came into Aurora for my scheduled cesarean terrified because of a previous experience six years ago having my daughter. I met Janet before surgery and she stayed with me through my whole hospital stay. Held my hand the whole way through, reassured and explained everything that was happening. Let me lay my head on her shoulder while they stuck that big needle in my back! She was the reason I remained calm.

I was blessed to have met Janet. She made sure she was on top of my meds no matter how busy labor and delivery floor got! Just to make sure I wasn't in pain! She made sure I was comfortable and motivated me to get up and move 12 hours after surgery! She took very good care of me and my son. Because of her I can proudly say I had a great experience with Aurora Lakeland in Elkhorn.

I have never met a nurse like her, she is so kind hearted. I felt a connection with her. I even cried a little before her last shift with me. Janet is the best Nurse EVER!