Jane Harris

Jane Harris

Jane Harris, RN

Intensive Care Unit
Silver Cross Hospital
New Lenox, Illinois
United States
Jane always placed my loved one at ease. She treated us like family and always had a sense of humor.

I would like to recognize ICU nurse, Jane aka "GI Jane". I have a loved one who is currently a patient in ICU. My background is an oncology RN for 38 years. In these 38 years, I was the manager of inpatient oncology/outpatient oncology for 25 years. Jane defines what being a nurse is all about. She is truly a gift to all patients and their loved ones. I spend a lot of time in your ICU and am impressed with all of the staff members. It gives me a sense of security knowing my loved one is under their care.

There is something special about Jane that sets her apart from the other extraordinary staff members. You can see that Jane loves her profession. I was able to witness the respect Jane's coworkers and physicians have for her. When the physicians would ask Jane questions regarding my loved one's condition, Jane was always very informative regarding vitals, medications, lab results, procedures, etc. The doctors also showed respect for Jane. They asked for her input and suggestions in the plan of care for my loved one. Jane is truly an advocate for the best possible outcome of my loved one.

As a family member of a patient, Jane always placed my loved one at ease. Jane treated us like family and always had a sense of humor. She spent a lot of time with my loved one and family members. Jane never rushed us and made us feel we were the most important responsibility she had. Jane is also an extraordinary educator. She spent a lot of time answering questions in a way everyone understood. Jane also continually educated us and updated us on medications, lab results, procedures, the disease process, how the human body works and reacts to certain diseases. Jane continually educated the patient and loved ones in a way everyone could understand.

Jane has many qualities that make her a true DAISY Nurse.